>Kitchen Dreaming…


Don’t you just love the arch over this kitchen? My current kitchen is just so horrible that I have tacked up images of kitchens that I like to the wall. This is one of them. I love the windows and the fixtures and of course the apron farm sink. Not sure about the white cabinets…with little kids white scares me. I have seen some very pretty green or blue ones.

Our kitchen renovation is many dollars and time away. We first have to deal with some basement structural supports, dampness, replacing the existing leaking bulkhead and jacking up and leveling the floor. The floor right now is a big mix of plywood, rock maple, some kind of oak and tile that juts out way too far from where a wood stove once was (the chimney crumbled so we won’t be putting that back!). Then we need to deal with the ceiling (water damage and some horrible patch job) and moving the hot water heater out of the kitchen and into the basement where it belongs!

After that we need to address replacing the windows and the slider to the back yard, tearing off the faux brick, moving the plumbing, updating the electrical and buying some new fixtures and cabinets. I haven’t figured out the overall design – sometimes it’s good to live in a place for awhile first, but I know I want one of these:

I love the built in bench seating that would be great for a family of five (plus a few more). I can so see us eating and doing homework and even playing a game at this nice light-filled spot! Again, I am afraid of white and I need a table that will not get scratched and beat up too easily. I love the chairs – they come in other colors too…



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