>Upgrading the thermostat…


Who would think you would have enough to blog about replacing a thermostat? Easy, right?!

Well, two days of no heat and after sneaking in a phone call to Dad… I at least realized that we didn’t blow up the furnace (phew)…

Did a little Internet research and found someone else with a similar situation who had purchased a defective NEW thermostat. Decided to return that one to the store and try again. What do you know – the new one was defective and the next one installed very quickly!

Words of wisdom…

  • Sometimes it really isn’t you!
  • There are only so many wires and so many slots
  • It really is okay to cross low voltage wires and start up the furnace – sparks aside!!
So we are back to having heat – and we can program the settings for energy savings and the town will refund us back $25 so it’s win win all around.

The only downside is my husband’s little temper tantrum where he took his frustration out on the poor wall – which is when I took over… Luckily it’s small…just one more thing to fix I guess…


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