>More demo fun…

>The demo crew…day one…let the sledgehammers rip and the fun begins…

How many men does it take to wrestle a Majestic stove out of the wall? Note – the stove outer metal has duct-taped seams and it did not extend past the first floor celing…
Nope we won’t be putting this beauty back. It is sitting on my front lawn right now in case you want it.
A insulated heat pipe outside the uninsulated wall.
That is NOT snow folks…

A celing squirrel nest. So far no sign of squirrels although the cats were running around the house like nuts in the middle of the night chasing mice (I think it was mice…). No trace this morning – either they ate the evidence or they were not successful.
The mess part one….
The mess part deux…
Dave wrestles the ceiling. Dave wins!!!

Doesn’t every old house have a railroad trestle instead of a load-bearing wall???
Scott wants to know – what exactly does one of these puppies weigh? And why is it only supported on the ends by 2×6’s?
Now if that doesn’t make you want to run right home and start ripping down walls, I don’t know what will!!!
The end result…or what is life like living with no insulation or walls… Rory can tell you – it’s cold!!!!



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