>Happy New Year 2011!


2011 promises to be a year full of renovations!  We are hoping to finish the living room, add a half bath, rip out and insulate the hall way, build a barn and get to the upstairs bedroom and bath remodel.  Ambitious? Yes.  Feasible – probably not.  The barn I am sure will deplete our rapidly dwindling funds…but it will be so nice to have at least one room done!

The nine new windows finally arrived on December 30th, about a month late.  They started to get installed on New Years Day (happy birthday to me!) and are still in the process of finishing the insulating and outside trim.  I will get some pictures up soon – I am waiting for the trim!  The one we put back in the living room has a wonderful view of the sunrise each morning.  It is quite stunning actually and makes the room so much brighter.

I’d like to share with you a poem from my contributing friend, author and quasi-cousin Jen


On the first Day of Christmas my old house gave to me:

1) Some screwed up and scary wiring

2) TWO leaky radiators

3) THREE rotted windows

4) FOUR layers of wallpaper

5) FIVE ugly shrubberies

6) SIX bees nests

7) SEVEN cans of paint

8) EIGHT rotted floorboards

9) NINE thousand hex tiles

10) TEN musty cabinets

11) ELEVEN crumbling bricks

12) TWELVE months of Lowe’s Bills


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