>I was supposed to be cleaning….


Peeling the wall

wallpaper removal crew…

…but made the mistake of starting in my bedroom.  I noticed a corner of the wallpaper sticking up and just for fun decided to peek behind it.  I found purple paint.  I pulled a bigger piece up and sure enough the wall is painted purple under the (hideous) wallpaper.

My daughter who was home with strep throat caught me and joined in the fun.  My 3 year old decided to “drive” the paper from the floor to the trash bag with his dump truck.  We peeled/scraped what we could in the time we had and without a ladder to reach the top.  We had to abort the mission before completion due to the need to move on to clean the bathroom.  I wonder when I will have a chunk of time to finish what we started… 

I do think I prefer the purple over the wall paper, even with the little bits that are still attached here and there.  We still have the ceiling/eave wall covered in wall paper.  We will eventually rip these walls down (they are the worst wall-board job we have seen in awhile and we need to insulate) so I am not going too crazy…

What do you think of the new look?


One Response to >I was supposed to be cleaning….

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Ooh. I don't know, Jeanette. Eesh. As a fan of purple in general, that purple looks very pink. I hope you unwrap more pleasant surprises though! R

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