>Kitchen faucet ousted from bathroom…

>Very exciting news, our one bathroom no longer has a kitchen sink and sprayer… 


Here is it the bathroom sink with the kitchen faucet.  Unfortunately the arc of the faucet causes a lot of spraying and splashing.  Also the sprayer nozzle does not work.
The sink is an interesting shape.  I think it may have come from the kitchen (there is evidence of a remodel in that room).  Some think beauty-parlor (although there is no neck rest)…some think it would make a good sink for bathing an infant.

I have no issue with the sink.  Just the faucet.  And the cabinet…and the stenciling…

Bup and his side-kick

Here is a photo of “during” where you can see my wonderful plumber (aka Dad) and his side-kick doing some serious work.  Note the matching sweaters (hmmm….). 

We cleaned a lot of guck out of the drain.  Rory really enjoyed the sprayer nozzle.  It made a nice small gun and even squirted water at times.  Such fun.  He kept it trained on Bup to make sure he stayed on task… 

The job went surprisingly well – only two gliches (really!  only two!).  We found out one of the pipes by the trap is undersized.  Dad got a little wet with that discovery when the trap came off in his hand.  We also added a soap dispenser where the sprayer was, but need to sawzall a board to attach the soap bottle…


Ahhh…now doesn’t that look better?  Almost like an actual bathroom sink!!!


One Response to >Kitchen faucet ousted from bathroom…

  1. Michele says:

    >I liked the old sink – but the new one still has the offset feature that looks so cool. 🙂

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