>Dear Easter Bunny….

>There is no doubt about it, the Easter Bunny is in over his furry bunny head this year…  These are notes to him from my children…

This is from my daughter:

“Dear Easter bunny,
What I most want I want a puppy and igseresreas (accessories) for my doll.  I don’t want candy.  I want a puppy.  so can you give me a puppy
Cassandra XOXO”

and this is from my son…

“Easter List”
All I want for Easter is ducks.  I can give you 3 reasons why

1.  I would like to watch and learn about ducks

2.  I’m intred (interested) in birds
3.  Cassie has Rory, Rory has Cassie but me I don’t have anyone.

Now if that isn’t about enough to break your heart I don’t know what will.  Thank goodness my three year old cannot write!!!!


2 Responses to >Dear Easter Bunny….

  1. Ian Lundgren says:

    >Given 'im the ducks.

  2. Michele says:

    >I wish we lived closer! I think B is in the same boat – alone!

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