Succumbing to roosters…

I don’t know how to explain this, but lately wherever I go I see roosters.  I don’t mean real roosters, I mean tchotchke and knickknacks and random rooster items.

Do you remember when you were thinking about having a baby and everywhere you went you saw infants and pregnant women?  Well, it’s like that.  I am not sure when it started exactly, but I can not go into a store without noticing them.

Maybe it’s a new trend and they really are everywhere?  I can’t help feel like they are stalking me.  Even to the point of second-guessing my sub-conscience.  “Maybe I really do want to buy a rooster”…  “No!  Really I don’t!”…  Honestly, I have enough poultry in my life right now thank you very much.

Just yesterday, a good friend forwarded a blog post from a woman who purchased a giant metal rooster to spite her husband.  It’s quite funny and of course involves a rooster:

I did actually break down and buy a rooster yesterday.  It is a copper rooster weathervane for T’s shed (ok pile of lumber) that I though I could live with and maybe just maybe will help relieve the rooster pressure…  ??

coming soon to a shed near you...


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