The first crop…

Radishes are In

As you are aware, T could not be without his garden this year.  He did get off to a late start so his crops are a bit behind.  Not to mention the soil could use a bit of fertilization and nutrients (not many worms I am afraid).  This year we get what we get (and we don’t get upset).

He did produce his first harvest of the year.  A bunch of radishes.  Funny thing is he doesn’t even like radishes.  When I asked him why he grows something that he doesn’t like to eat he told me that he had leftover seeds.  Apparently he just could not waste them.  Now the question is, what am I going to do with these (and are there any more coming…)??  I just asked “Is that it for the radish crop?”  and was met with the response “No there are plenty more!  There are about another TEN handfuls.”  Great.  Just what I wanted.  Canned pickled radishes anyone?  Apparently they are easy to grow and it’s the growing not the eating that makes the man happy.  Got to keep the man happy, even at the expense of uneaten radishes.

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