If you give a house a cookie…

If you decide to redo your living room

You will want to put up new wallboard.

If you put up new wallboard

You are supposed to start with the ceiling.

If you start with the ceiling

You will need to fix the pipes

If you want to fix the pipes

You will need to renovate the entire bathroom

If you renovate the one bathroom

You will need first to put in a half-bath.

If you put in a half-bath

You will need to replumb the basement.

If you replumb the basement

You first need to fix the basement stairs.

If you fix the basement stairs

You will need to take down the defunct chimney

If you take down the defunct chimney

You will need to remove two more walls.

If you remove two more walls

God knows what projects you will find in there!


3 Responses to If you give a house a cookie…

  1. Ali says:

    Shoulda bought a pre-fab house. 😉

  2. Miserable Husband says:

    Don’t forget:

    If you want to replace the leaking bulkhead door

    You must replace the bulkhead with one properly sized (as well as fix the stone and concrete opening).

    A properly sized bulkhead will be wider than the one there now

    Which means you’ll need to relocate the main electrical service line which was stuffed through the side of the cellar opening rather than through the side of the house (which is why the whole panel blows when runoff from the bulkhead dribbles down the line into the panel).

    And if you are going to relocate the line you might as well run the line underground (you’ll keep your power longer during storms).

    And if you are gong to run a new underground line you might as well run it from the closest pole which is on the opposite side of the house.

    And if you are going to disturb the ground to run an underground line in that area then you might as well dig the French Drain too which will divert all the groundwater that runs into the basement.

    And of course once the basement is dry you’re going to want to morter between the fieldstone and pour a real floor.

    Which would likely require more electrical work in the basement so you can see what you are doing.

    And maybe replace the broken windows so it won’t be so cold when you do this work.

    And replace the….

  3. Janet says:

    It’s a real plerusae to find someone who can think like that

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