Of Mice and children…

So the boys came flying inside the other day, yelling for me and talking very fast. Once I got them to take a deep breath I got the following story out of them…

Apparently they were sitting on the swing when a mouse climbed up Jack’s back and hopped on Rory’s head.  What???!  Wait it gets better, the mouse had suckling babies attached to her.

I went outside to investigate.    What mouse climbs up people and runs around with nursing babies attached to her?  I walked over to the swing and sure enough found a tiny baby mouse with it’s eyes still closed in the cushion.  I had Jack pick it up and put it near the woodpile that the Mother disappeared into.

He was all set to start looking into raising a baby mouse.  I told him we have more than enough mice in the house.  Eventually a mouse came and got it.  We hope it was the Mother…

When T came home he solved the mystery.  Apparently the cushion the boys sat on contained a mouse nest and the frantic Mother was trying to save her babies.  T cut open the cushion and found yet another baby mouse.  We returned that one to the woodpile as well…  We then threw out the cushion.

The mouse looked like this one.


One Response to Of Mice and children…

  1. Andrea Larter says:

    this made me laugh a lot. i used to catch baby mice the size of thimbles trapped in feed bags in the barn and let them go. my mother would have died if she knew. i love your blog. we are repairing an old farmhouse too, isn’t it awesome? accomplishment feels so good. 🙂 keep it up.

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