Our first egg.

While we were in Maine for the weekend, the ducks started laying eggs.  Jack had a huge grin on his face when he came in from his morning duck chores carrying the two orbs.  We have been getting almost an egg a day, but we are still not sure which one of the two female ducks is laying it.

They made a little nest in the corner of the duck house and lay the egg sometime after they go to bed for the night.  Jack insisted we cook them up and have a “taste test”.  So I hard boiled some chicken and duck eggs and guess what…you can’t tell them apart – well, at least we couldn’t.  Our duck eggs are small (the mallard?) and were harder to peel, but otherwise it seems an egg is an egg…


4 Responses to Our first egg.

  1. We have 2 girls and 2 boys we have been getting 2 eggs a day for a little over a month. We put some in the incubtor and got one baby who hatched about 2 days ago. I want to send you a picture but there is no place to do that here. We have also been eating them and my friends too. They tell me there is nothing like baking with duck eggs but I do not bake. Yes they are the same as a chicken eggs only the shell his harder as you have noticed. I notice they are a little more filling to me I can only eat one, where I eat 2 from our chickens. We now have 19 Brahma chicks I ordered and 1 duckling all doing great. We are all flooded out here so we have the cage of babies on a pallet and covered with a heat lamp and blankets. The duckling will join the chicks in a few days it has 2 with it now to keep it company and warm. On the mature ducks the boys have curls in thier tails. We hae a pond that is now half our pasture because the tropical storm here keeps giving us 5 inches ever couple of hours. Our ducks are having a blast they even had about 50 giant egrets out there with them for a while. We are havinga heck of a time with all this water can not leave our dirt roads till the water goes down. e have some exciting news we are now running not only a trail ride business with our 4 horses but a B&B using our live in trailer and booking weekends at the farm. Beach riding seems to be what everyone wants to do then trails. God Bless your Family we are building a facebook page called “Second Chance Ranch” but there are several ours is the one with the pic of the wagon wheel.

  2. 10:30pm Tropical storm has flooded our entire property not sure what is not under water till tomorrow. Hope out baby chicks survive this. I wonder if its made the news we have had over a foot of rain toay alone!

    • jeanjacklund says:

      Wow Diane, I hope the chicks are doing alright and the waters subside soon. That is a lot of rain!!!

      • water is going down now we are moving the chicks to the shed to make taking care of them easier, Baby duckling will be moving into huge dog crate with the 19 chicks LOL he will teach them all to swim! FYI They make heaters to keep your educks pool from freezing in the winter. Wish you and the kids could come to our farm some time.

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