Attack of the killer tomatoes…

Things are calming down now, but for a while there we were flooded with vegetables…

Despite two floods, the garden has triumphed with a bumper crop of squash and tomatoes.  I have canned salsa, made two pots of tomato sauce and still we are overwhelmed with the red fruit.  Not to mention that we eat squash at almost every meal (besides breakfast)…  So please feel free to stop by and share in the bounty.  If you find random veggies showing up on your doorstep — it wasn’t me!!!

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One Response to Attack of the killer tomatoes…

  1. I just harvested about a pound of basil I grow every year but this was a FL crop and it was huge! sure would be good in your tomato sause! Ducks like veggies and fruit. Chickens will kill for a tomato LOL

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