Progress Update…

There is nothing like the first bite of fall to add some pressure to timelines…  October has proven to be quite busy!

On Monday, October 17th Bup successfully connected the new baseboard and got the heat working!  Not a moment too soon, especially with those 40 degree nights.  The comment around the house was, “it’s just like Papoose Pond”, but that gets old after a weekend…

The shed is finally roofed!

The new kitchen slider went in on Tuesday.  I love it!  We will not miss the old one little bit.

The other big news is that we had the plumbing inspection for the vent and the roughed in fixtures so that is all set.  Now we have to do the wiring and the tiling and the walls and then a door and then the final inspection…

And Mick showed up and did some window juggling…  We had replaced the one window in the front bedroom, but when we ripped the wall out we realized that there actually used to be two windows.  So we decided to move that window over and put in the second one.  It looks so much better.  He also started replacing the siding on the front and it looks really nice.  It’s primed and I was thinking of painting it white, but I really like the contrast between the tan and the white trim and the green door…

Here are some pictures to catch you up…

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One Response to Progress Update…

  1. Amazing transformation, it must be very rewarding. I love having my houses built for me which I have done twice and renovated the one i A& TN to be specifiley for us, The one I live in now is a one bedroom cottage I designed with an engineer that is so neat I will stay in it forever there is no more downsizing than this! We do have the rolling condo for the guest house and travel lodge. Check us our on facebook “Barkley’s Second Chance Ranch, lots of pictures.

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