Ode to the one full bath

Oh bathroom, how do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways…

One is for ventilation or lack thereof

1970s ceiling vent - yup broken!

Two is for the vice grips that fall off every morning

Vice Grips to turn on the water

Three is for the layout (aka where is the toilet?)

Yes that is a slanted wall (tub to the left and toilet tucked around the corner)



Four is for the fabulous florescent lighting

Gorgeous florescent lights on sides of mirror

Five is for the undersize tub

Six is for the stellar plumbing

Gray PVC? What pitch?

Seven is for the lack of a proper vent

Unvented toilets STINK!

Eight is for the cross contamination of hot water into cold…

(can you say lukewarm showers anyone?)

Nine is for the inconvenience of dealing with rigging up a temporary (outdoor?) shower while we renovate.  Hopefully in the WARM months

Ten is for the amount of time a project like this takes…


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