Why the half bath is taking so long…

It’s only been a year…well okay we didn’t really start working on it until the summer.

Perfection takes time you know.

And I have to wait for Tristan to finish building his gigantic shed.  Sigh!  Oh yeah then I have to wait until he insulates all the walls we ripped down – the heat is on and oil isn’t cheap.  And he is getting ready for the electrician to come back and wire up the bathroom fan, light and plug.  Not to mention all the foolish permits and inspections.

I did buy the tile and guess who is going to put it down (yes, me silly) but I have to wait until the sub-floor is all set with backer board and layers of thin set…

Oh yeah and Rory keeps distracting the plumber!  And I keep taking him out to lunch…

The engineers hard at work...


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