police log – bugs

I just could not resist sharing this with you all…

From The Item, February 24, 2012 Sterling Police Log


Thursday, Feb. 16

6:33 a.m., person is petrified of a long wiggly bug in her closet, transferred call to animal control.  It was recommended using a vacuum cleaner to remove it, but she didn’t want to go near it.  An officer will assist when available.  The bug was not found and she will call if it returns.

Wow.  It never would have occurred to me to call the police on a bug.   It’s a bug, not a criminal.  I have yet to meet one that can best the shoe – just step on the wiggly thing already.  If you have to be all girly about it, get your cat or call your husband/boyfriend/ son/ male neighbor/brave girl friend to rescue you from the scary bug, but leave the police alone.

We have been seeing stink bugs in J’s room lately.  At least I think they are stink bugs.  I had to look up the scoop on the name and apparently if you surprise them they make a stinky smell.  Hmm..I know some people who do that.  I am going to put the 10-year-old scientist on the task of scaring a bug to make it stink and report back to you.  To think some people call the police instead.  Shameless.

Did you know that you can go to What’s That Bug and submit a picture of your bug and they will tell you what it is?  I love the Internet!  Check out your scary closet bugs at What’s That Bug?


3 Responses to police log – bugs

  1. Teresa says:

    Jeanette, we find stink bugs in our house all the time. They are quite slow and easy to catch, I often just smoosh them in a kleenex, the smell they emit smells very similar to apple candy, I don’t find it offensive in the least. I’ve never tried scaring them, but once grabbed one by the leg to show the kids when they were little. They can fly, but only have seen them do this once or twice. Once one landed on my car’s side window, and I watched him ride the wind the whole way home. He would crouch down really low as I went fast, and stand back up when I stopped/slowed. Good thing I didn’t get in an accident, the police wouldn’t have really loved my answer “sorry officer, I was watching my stink bug crouch up and down”. I like stink bugs, but apparently they are destroying crops and such because their numbers are growing out of control, so to do my part, I kill them. Missed you Sunday, hope to see you soon, T

    • jlundgren says:

      So nice to hear from another girl who plays with bugs! I tried to entice the children into surprising the stink bugs to make them stink, but they weren’t impressed. Maybe if I tell them that they smell like apple candy… Now I am just going to have to go and squish one. Thanks for the scoop.

  2. jlundgren says:

    So I somehow accidentally sat on a stink bug. I didn’t realize it, until a sweet apple smell caught my attention. I thought someone had been spraying perfume or air freshener, but my youngest said, “that’s just a stink bug Mom.” Duh! Sure enough I stood up and found the squished bug. Teresa is right, they do smell rather nice.

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