Bathroom floor

Good news…I came home to a tiled floor! It still needs to be grouted, but progress is being made.

BTW this it the formula for calculating how much time it takes to complete a project:

what they tell you * 4 + 5 (days)

So realistically, the two-day bathroom floor job should take:

2 days * 4 = 8 days + 5 days = 13 days

See, right on schedule…


2 Responses to Bathroom floor

  1. Hunky Forester says:

    So, really the issue is that you need to alter your perceptions to fit the reality. It’s like the financial news: “First quarter earnings were lower than expected…” The issue is not the earnings, which the company actually went out and earned, but the original expectations that were skewed. The tile is in. Be happy.

    • jlundgren says:

      Hmmm…could I have hit a nerve there Hunky Forester? Maybe I should talk to your wife and see if your formula calculations are slightly higher… :-). It’s all good. I love the floor and I realize perfection takes a lot longer…worth the wait.

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