Bathroom Update…

Here are some more bathroom progress photos to keep you up-to-date.  We have been distracted by burn season (we only have until May 1st and there have been a lot of days that they didn’t let us burn things)…  Next we go on vacation… but, sometime after that there might be some more news.

The walls are now primed and ready for wainscoting and trim.  We spent two hours at Lowe’s discussing trim options and pricing (great fun)…  Whatever we choose we need to repeat throughout the house.  I am still not sure we made the right choice and may go back again for more fun…

Someone promised me the bathroom would be ready by June.  Nope, didn’t get that in writing…

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4 Responses to Bathroom Update…

  1. Missi Smith says:

    The “creature” under the stairs cracks me up!

  2. micheleinma says:

    Love the cupboard under the stairs idea! And the creature is adorable!

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