Selecting Door and Window Casings

One of the big decisions we have to make before moving forward on the bathroom is what are we going to use for trim.  We need to put casings around the door and windows and create a sill and put up baseboard moulding before wainscoting.  Whatever we decide to use in the new bathroom we plan to replicate throughout the house.

We spent about two hours at Lowe’s exploring options and pricing out materials.  We came home with plinths and bulls eyes and then changed our mind and brought it all back…

You can click on the image below to read about all the great trim terminology and see some nice photographs of antique home woodwork:

What we are NOT using… photo compliments of Le Beau Paon Victorien Blog

The doors and windows in our entire farmhouse have very simple casings, just straight boards really.

Plain straight door trim painted an unfortunate navy blue

We decided to replicate something similar and plan to add a decorative top cap which will dress them up a little bit.  Everything will be painted antique white when we are done.  Here are some photos from a friend’s house that was built during a similar era that we plan to replicate:

This is what the trim in our house looks like around each door. Some have been stripped and stained, some are painted green and others navy blue.

See what a difference that top moulding makes!


4 Responses to Selecting Door and Window Casings

  1. kimberly says:

    Wow. My trims are all just boards, too. That little touch with the mouldings really could be great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Donna says:

    What did you use to strip the door frames?

    • jlundgren says:

      We actually replaced them with a same sized board and added the moulding. Most of the “trim” in our farmhouse is scrap and not worth the time to strip and refinish. I do at some point need to strip the painted stairs. I have a friend who did strip all their doors and they came out beautifully. I will ask them what they used and let you know…

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