Night Scraping….

I realize that I have been on blogging hiatus for most of the summer…more on that later.  For now, here are some pictures of one of our summer priorities relating to the house…
We call it night scraping and yes it does deserve a quiet night.

Scraping off about 30 years of peeling paint down to bare wood. Hours of work with the heat gun around the intricate trim.


A job best done when it cools off (ha!) at night – if the moths don’t get you first from the light.

Finally priming scraped areas around door…



6 Responses to Night Scraping….

  1. dan says:

    i was looking at the guy on the ladder sraping old paint. you are so lucky-he looks like a dedicated father and a good worker

    • jlundgren says:

      Hi dan! He IS a dedicated father and good worker and quite handy to have around. Perhaps I should tell him more often… I hope you are doing well. He really enjoyed his visit with you and yes I had to make him leave all his projects and GO!!!

    • Misty says:

      Ich habe das Geld natcgräclihh bekommen! Ich habe selber nicht mehr dran geglaubt aber es kam. Ich finde aber trotzdem dass es zu wenig ist, ohne Abends den Müll nach Pfanddosen abzusuchen hätte ich es sehr sehr schwer!

    • Zustaz:Man könnte dieses auch als Verzweiflungshandlung ansehen. Politisches Versagen aller Parteien und sie stehen alle mit dem Rücken an der Wand. Verletzte Tiere sind die gefährlichsten und wehren sich mit allen Mitteln. Moral oder Recht bleibt auf der Strecke.

  2. Cody says:

    Wow gorgeous entrance, amazing details. You are so luck to live in such a beautiful old home. 🙂

    • jlundgren says:

      Hi Cody. Thanks for your comments! Someday perhaps my husband will appreciate his beautiful (restored) old home…right now he is overwhelmed by his to-do list and lost in all the things we need to do… Talk to me in ten years! 🙂

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