About this summer…

I know I have been remiss about posting this summer.  To be honest, not a lot on our to-do list got done.  The Husband will tell you that he has been working all summer.  By working he means…

#1 Tending to his garden.  Have you seen this monstrosity?  Just keeps growing every year…

R in the jungle with the 8′ tall corn

View from the backside

#2 Mowing the Lawn.  Every time I turn around the lawn needs to be mowed again.  Honestly, I think someone likes mowing (especially on his new lawn tractor) much better than sheet rocking.

#3 Bombing me with Tomatoes.  Seriously, this has got to stop already.  I open the fridge and gag.  There is nothing grosser than rotting tomatoes, except maybe the fruit flies they attract.  I am begging, please cut back on the tomato plants next year.  100 should be plenty.  This is so out of control someone may need an intervention… It’s October – here are pictures from this morning.  Apparently we have a second fridge just for the purpose of storing tomatoes.  Oh and what is in the other fridge?  three 64 oz juice containers full of sauce.

Some people keep food in their freezer. We have bags of frozen tomatoes.

Drawers full of tomatoes and yup! guess what is in the pot…


4 Responses to About this summer…

  1. Hunky Forester says:

    Thrown under the bus! Jeez, so much complaining…I think the summer you’ve described sounds WONDERFUL! Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised after reading this if a bag of rotten tomatoes ended up on your side of the bed, but I promise I won’t give the idea to The Husband

  2. Nolan says:

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