Before and After: Powder Room

Here is photographic proof of how we transformed a large closet under the main staircase into a functional half-bathroom.


We wanted to put in a full bath downstairs, but didn’t want to sacrifice living space or awkwardly configure a room.  The closet ended up being the logical choice, although I do miss all that storage space.

Ripping out plaster, lath, mouse nests, you name it…

We gutted the room down to the studs so that we could block access from the basement (mice!) and fully insulate.  These walls did have blown in insulation.  T also found some mice nests, mice skulls, and a rather large skeleton (we would rather not know from what)…

The fully gutted bathroom space


We added a window which lets in a lot of light, tiled the floor, installed baseboard heat, installed fixtures, finished walls, added a ceiling vent/light, etc. etc.

The finished bath room – view from hall way door opening

Half bath – view of back wall built-in taken from inside the bath

It only took us two years, but it is nice to finish a project and be satisfied with the results!


  • hexagaonal floor tile – Home Depot
  • baseboard – Home Depot
  • corner sink – Vintage tub & bath
  • faucet – Koehler Single Hole Single Handle Lavatory Faucet From The Fairfax Collection (purchased from plumbing supply company)
  • wallpaper – Norwall Toille at
  • corner cabinet –
  • custom over the toilet built in – James Smith Contracting


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4 Responses to Before and After: Powder Room

  1. Kelli says:

    Great info. Would you post a picture from the hallway with the door? Thanks!

  2. I like the shelves in back of the toilet.

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